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Our Story

The mission of Lifestyle Fix is to balance life and work in one space. Working in the office for at least 8 hours a day adds up to a lot of lifetime, that we spend in the office. How can we make workplaces as comfortable as home? 

We are here to help you to create a place of sanctuary at your office. A quick dose of activeness, mindfulness and relaxation are secret ingredients to keep your staff well look after emotionally and physically at work. The result of it will be a boost of work performance.

Staying active is not just a choice of healthy living, but a trend of a modern lifestyle. Lifestyle Fix has a team of fully trained and certified leaders to guide your staff through a stressful day of work through YogaBarre, Pilates and Meditation programs to suit particular needs of your employees. On top of that, we have massage therapists to give massage to ease head, neck and shoulder soreness, affected by the long hours of work. 


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