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Lifestyle Fix recruits the best instructors in the industry to deliver safe, practical and fun corporate fitness classes to your team.
YOGA classes are composed of breath, movement and relaxation exercises to create a full mind and body workout. 
BARRE is a hybrid of Pilates and Ballet. These classes tone your butt, thighs, arms and core. 
PILATES classes focus more on spinal and pelvic alignment and core strength. Each class draws attention to the breath and movements to restore stability in the body. 
MEDITATION is the ultimate workout for our mind. These classes guide you through staying mindful, present and calm.
MASSAGE is available on site to relax head, neck and shoulder and wind down the day.
Our Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes run from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the preference and schedules of your team. Classes can be held morning, lunch or after work. Participants need to be in activewear and have their own mats.
Meditation classes run 30 minutes. Anyone can participate and activewear is not necessary. We suggest this class to be held in a quiet conference room with cosy chairs.
To complement fitness exercises, we have massage therapists to give your team members a 15 minutes head, neck and shoulder massage. Each therapist can massage 4 people in an hour. We suggest massage sessions to be held during working hours, preferably in the afternoon, after a few hours of work. A quiet room in your office is recommended to allow your staff to get the most of it.
Sounds like what you need for your team? Please drop us an email at
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