Yoga . Meditation

Carol initially found yoga to relieve her neck and back pain from the office desk job. Not long after starting a regular practice she was drawn into the deeper aspects of yoga, which lead her to over 700 hours of various Yoga Teacher Trainings. You will leave her classes feeling balanced with an opportunity to connect deeper with your body, mind and spirit.



Yoga . Meditation

Michael, who also introduces himself with his spiritual name - Caitanya, embraces the tradition of Hatha Yoga and Meditation. After completing over 800 hours of Yoga teacher trainings, his internal journey began when he first met his teachers in 2006. His journey led him to India where he studied ashrama life, philosophy and yogic life, with a special interest in Ayurveda. Michael believes the holistic approach is to always treat the body as a whole – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



Yoga . Meditation

Jacqueline completed her first teacher training in Mysore, India. Her classes are a fusion of her passion for Ashtanga Yoga and slow, soul flowing Vinyasa. She strongly believes in slowing down and getting back to basics and more importantly the breath - the universal power within each of us.



Yoga . Meditation

Rachel has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaching for 13 years. She motivates her students to playfully enquire into who they are, through a strong, alignment-based practice that moves with the breath and mind. She has taught across the continents from her hometown Sydney to Melbourne, Rome and Jakarta.




Danyah is a dedicated and passionate mindfulness practitioner and meditation teacher registered with the Meditation Association of Australia. Drawn to meditation as a result of her anxiety and perfectionism, it became clear to Danyah that the life enhancing benefits of meditation, and in particular mindfulness-based practices, were something she wanted to share. She guides in a kind and inviting way, making it easy and safe to drop into practice.




Kimberley is passionate about promoting conscious living, compassion and creativity in life, and making meditation accessible, practical and easy to incorporate into our modern lives. She loves working with people, and with meditation, helping them to move to and experience life at the next level, so that they can become grounded, creative, healthier and happier.



Pilates . Barre

Trained with the Polestar Pilates method, Saniya started her career in 2012 in Singapore. Since then, she lived and taught in Myanmar and now in Australia. Throughout the years, she experienced working with clients of different demographics. Her greatest satisfaction is to see her students applying Pilates to everyday lives to improve their overall wellbeing.