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Yoga . Meditation

Caitlin wants to help each person to create a deep love for life. Through yoga and meditation, one learns to accept what is in present moment and relax into that space without avoiding or clinging. Caitlin’s classes create space for her students to allow them to connect deeply to their soul and to be present for a more fulfilling and healthy life adventure.



Yoga . Meditation

Sunita comes from a diverse spiritual background. Her curiosity in religion and philosophy began at an early age from exposure to many different religions, cultures and spiritual concepts. In the past decade, she has worked with people from all walks of life including disabilities to bring light and healing to their lives through Yoga, meditation and dance. 




Tamika is a qualified massage and beauty therapist, specialised in relaxation, aromatherapy and hot stone massage. The highlight of her work is being able to help others to relieve tension and stress to live a better life. Her favourite technique is using trigger point therapy to release knotted muscles. 




Originally from Russia, Zina has been working as an exercise physiologist for the past 14 years in Australia. Her passion drove her to expand her offerings and became Pilates teacher 5 years ago. Zina teaches clinical, mat and reformer classes. Her classes will leave you feeling strong and lean. 

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