Yoga . Meditation

Cat is a certified Therapeutic Mindful Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist. All of her classes focus on developing self-awareness and mindful action. Cat not only tailors each class to suit the group, but she is also highly experienced to assist those individuals who are working with an injury. 



Yoga . Pilates . Meditation

Jess first stumbled onto a yoga mat back in 2001 and has been a travelling yogini since 2004. She has strong roots in Hatha Yoga tradition including Ashtanga Vinyasa method, combined with Fitness, Ayurveda, nutrition and Wellness coaching background. Her ultimate goal is to bring the tradition of the East to the West to inspire and evolve our practices for spiritual growth, healing and cultivation a life of vitality and wellness.



Yoga . Meditation

Margarita has been a student of yoga for some 17 years and is a Les Leventhal trained teacher of Vinyasa Yoga. She has led classes in Dubai, Bali, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Australia. In 2014, she suffered a debilitating attack of MS and slowly recovered her mobility through a combination of physiotherapy, weight training and yoga. Her biggest achievement as a teacher, is being able to open people up through possibilities of magic happening on the yoga mat. 



Pilates . Barre

After years of working in the corporate world in India, Shalini took a career break and moved to Melbourne in 2008 with her partner. She is now a full time Pilates and Barre instructor and helps to guide her students to achieve their fitness potential and improve their lifestyle. She loves to give an energetic, challenging yet fun class with a strong emphasis on technique and body alignment. Aside from teaching, she has a real passion for cricket!